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i haven't the faintest idea. probably gonna need to nuke that. you're right. (grunts) oh, i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. no, there's no harm, really. no harm at all. you're him, aren't you? you're billy grimm. you know the show? (chuckles): are you kidding? i'm your very biggest fan. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news on the cw. two police officers shot and killed. just minutes ago, we learned their identities. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. responding to a call when they were shot and killed this afternoon. a short time later, the suspect died in a barrage of police gunfire nearby. tonight, we're learning more about him and the murdered officers. a news conference just wrapped up a few minutes ago. kpix5's kit doe was there. kit. >> the press conference ended ten minutes ago. he said sometime around 3:30 today, two santa cruz police detectives were conducting a followup investigation and then they started talking to a man by the name of jeremy. they don't know what happened, but he pulled out a gun and killed both officers outside of
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the home. the officers were able to call for help. neighbors called for help and that's when authorities started arriving on scene. he fled the scene, officers went into an active shooter mode where they start looking for him. they made contact with him, they say he opened fire, they returned fire and killed him on the scene. at that point, they started searching the neighborhood for a second possible suspect. we spoke with the police chief with santa cruz police and today was the first time the department suffered such a loss. >> this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> we have the names of the officers. the first name is butch baker. he's a 28 year veteran who leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son. and elizabeth butler. she's a ten-year veteran. she also has a husband named peter who two young boys. this lockdown the entire neighborhood.
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four schools, affected a large area. we were here sometime around 4:00 and here's what happened. >> police officers arrived on scene to chaos. had them ducking around cars. it started around 3:30 p.m. where police are conducting an investigation on the 800 block. mary's daughter was in the house next door and calling her mom to say she heard a barrage of gunfire. >> she heard noise, sounded like fire crackers, they were outside, and soon saw the cops and knew it was a fire crackers. the s.w.a.t. said to stay inside and they have been on the floor ever since. >> law enforcement from federal, county, state, and county swarmed the area. s.w.a.t. officers started breaking down doors for a second possible suspect. four schools went under lockdown. parents say the sound of gunfire was sickening. >> i heard another round of 40 to 50 very fast gun shots near
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the approximatety of the front of the school. >> the students, some as young as three, were bussed out of the crime scene. it was a tearful reunion. >> people didn't know what was happening. >> i started walking down the street and the gunfire started in front of me, about 15 feet right in front of me. i hid behind me car and took off running. >> police were looking for this man, jeremy, a friend tells us he had been feeling depressed and had suicidal thoughts, saying he felt helpless. he told his friends, quote, if i'm going down, i'm going down hard. and the friend told us that he was possibly involved in a love triangle. he was involved with another woman that was at the house when her significant other came home. that's when a domestic violence call came out and the police responded to that. this is according to the print. the neighborhood is safe. they are wrapping up their house to house search and should be opening up the street in a couple of hours. live in nta cruz, kpix5.
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>> a lot of people associate santa cruz with the board walk and they know the area that way, but give us a sense for those of us who don't know that community as well as maybe you do. what impact has this incident had on the town of santa cruz? >> i can tell you i went to school here for four years at uc santa cruz. it is a very small, tight knit town. you can get the sense of a small-town community. the officers at the most, they probably have half a dozen on the streets at any given time. it's a small department. a very close it department. the chief and the deputy chief both knew intimately these two officers that were killed. they were holding back tears today. , had a deep, profound impact. considering in the past ten days, there has been a string of violent crimes, including a rape, a home invasion, and a robbery where a student was shot in the back of the head. so there was a martha was planned for today, trying to address some of this violence.
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they will be looking at that in the days and weeks to come as to why this beach side town has seen so much violence and sadness in the past couple of weeks. >> horrific. kit doe, thank you. also in the news tonight, a miami woman has been named a person of interest in that deadly shooting and crash on the las vegas strip. police say that 22-year-old tanisha howard is missing and may be in danger. investigators believe that howard was in the suv with triple murder suspect, amar harris at the time of the shooting. oakland rapper, kenneth cherry was killed in the gunfire last thursday morning. the car that cherry was in hit a cab and caused an explosion that killed two other people. the families of a bay area couple that went off the grid in the peru amazon got the news they were hoping for. they aren't ready to believe it
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just yet. >> and tonight, the couple's family is hopeful, but they are still waiting patiently for that official confirmation. the last known images of the oakland couple, garrett hahn and jamie neil, on an adventure of a lifetime. the family has not heard from them and terrified something had happened. garrett's family released this statement late this afternoon. quote, u.s. embassy and minister of interior claim that garrett hahn and jamie neil have been seen. the family says they have received calls in the u.s. embassy with information. garrett and his girlfriend have been spotted in a remote village in peru. their on the boat and ascending a plane to find them. the family expects more information and confirmation tomorrow. >> they said they should be arrived in ecuador tomorrow at the border and that's when someone will see that it's them. >> juliette goodrich, kpix5.
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>> the couple's friends and family say until they hear firsthand over the phone, they'll keep waiting with their fingers crossed. a mysterious may day call off monterey bay is looking more and more like a hoax tonight. coast guard scoured 22 square miles of ocean for the sailboat that supposedly went down on sunday, but they found no sign of the vessel or family of four. with no missing persons reports filed, the search has been called off. a come promoas doesn't look likely with a few dais left before federal budget cuts kick in. at stake are hundreds and thousands of jobs. lawmakers have until friday to reach a deal. the main sticking point between the white house and congressional republicans is taxes. republicans agreed to raise taxes in the fiscal clip deal last month and they say that's enough. kpix5's joe vas quiz vasquez.
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>> here in santa rosa, the bigger concern seems to be, how are they going to keep these planes flying safely without anyone in the tower? if congress can't stave off the mandatory cuts, the faa announced it's going to cut air traffic control to many regional airports across the country, including the sai know ma county airport and that would mean planes would fly in and out without any tower personnel to guide them. >> how do they operate without a tower? >> there are a lot of guidelines. different elevations, so they all have to have flight paths. >> airport brings in an estimated $112 million economic impact to santa rosa and the surrounding community. so the sequester could leave a mark. >> 13 to 14 employees would lose their job and then we'd
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lose about $65,000 a year in rent to the federal government for part of the facilities that we rent. >> airport officials say they are worried that alaska airlines might worry that the no tower scenario is unsafe and the airline could decide to pair back on the number of flights here. that's the last thing this county needs as they are hard at work trying it lure more airlines into the airport. >> a lot of people in sai know ma county use this as a transportation hub for business. that means i have to go 90 minutes to two hours over to oakland to make the same flight. so pretty inconvenient. >> as it is right now, there are two flights a day every day that come in without the help of flight controllers. it's the first and last flight of the day because the tower is closed. but if congress doesn't get it together, liz, it will be every day, all day, until further notice. >> even more delays. all right, thank you. the faa says other bay area airports will be in the same boat, including napa, concorde,
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and livermore. >> first signs of a shift for the republican party. several prominent members came out in support of same-sex marriage. and kpix5's len ramirez says one of them is a silicon valley ceo. >> legal brief was sent, who are challenging california's voter approved proposition 8 and signing on to help return the ban on gay marriage where 80 republicans, including hew let hew letlet packard. >> civil unions provide virtually l the rights and remedies to gay and lesbian couples that marriage does. and that definition, marriage, is a religious term that should be between a man and a woman. >> this is what whitman wrote today. i have come to embrace same-sex marriage after a period of careful review and reflection.
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same-sex couples and children should have equal access to benefits of marriage. >> i think it's wonderful. i'm thrilled that they have recognized that this is something they need to do. >> san jose state sociology professor spent decades fighting dediscrimination. >> i think people are finally getting that message. it's not really about you and your life and how you live your life and what you believe in. it's about you believing that people have equal opportunity. >> the legal brief exposes a divide in the republican party with conservative leaders, such as john boehner still staunchly against same-sex marriage. but kpix5 reporter says it may be a sign of growing moderation within the gop on social issues. >> i think one of the lessons is that if the republican party wants to continue to be competitive going forward, they
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simply have to draw a larger group of voters to their side. >> it's a trend that can also be seen at the local level. the vice chair of the gop and san jose city councilman, made news when he publicly changed his stance in support of marriage equality. >> does this mesh with republican values? >> i think it does. i think when you look at it while i may not personally believe in gay marriage, based on my personal religious beliefs, i think it's important that we are clear that just because i have this belief, that doesn't mean i have to impose my beliefs upon you and vice versa. i think what we're saying is that government should be neutral on these issues. people should be able to make up their decision on what they want to do. >> the supreme court will begin hearing arguments on same- sex marriage on march 26 and begin their own deliberations the very next day. in san jose, kpix5. >> it was just last year that redwood city electronic arts
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joined google and microsoft in opposing the federal defense of marriage act. coming up, this buzz for you, but is it what you ordered? the ackization that you aren't drinking what you think you are. >> another chilly night tonight. your heater has been working overtime. redd wood city 39. find out what our super dry january and february is doing to our snow pack. that and your forecast, next. ,,,,,,,,
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diluting the truth. d jackson with the beer lovers are making stong accusations tonight. bud budweiser is diluting the
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truth. >> the multimillion dollar lawsuit is over this tiny stamp on a budweiser bottle. a number of plant workers say the beer has less alcohol since being bought out by industry giant, imbev. they tell the truth about watering down their beer. >> it's a number of them, i'll tell you that. and i will tell you it was individuals who worked at a number of different plants. ann anheuser-busch has 13 breweries. >> attorneys say the employees tell a tale of corporate greed. that the watering down is corporate policy. >> we tried to speak to as many people that we could and there's a corporate policy of anheuser-busch of intentionally mislabeling and watering down their beers. >> customers of thompson's
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corner down the street from the big budweiser plant support the plant and budweiser workers. >> are you surprised that they would water it down? >> no, nothing against budweiser, but you know, it's business. >> we make budweiser here in fairfield, so i support the local brewery. >> always drinking budweiser. >> you aren't getting a sense that you are getting cheated on your amount? >> not really. i hope they aren't watering it down. >> thompson's corner has been selling it since 1902. everyone here agrees. labeling should be accurate. and budweiser should be held accountable. david jackson reporting. allegations that bud is watered down and we can't get a drop around here. >> now we know where the rain went. it's in your budweiser.
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problem solved. next case. oh, sports. not yet. here's what we have going on. we have had the driest start to a year since 1852. we'll talk about the impact. you have been dry and a high of 65 degrees. tonight, you drop down to 40. look at your power bill. these nights have been chilly. radar is clear, you've heard that before. it rained two times for the entire month and the snow pack is way down. top of the year was 136% of normal. currently 68% of normal. the snow pack has been haved in less than two months. here's a look at satellite radar. still raining up toward seattle. still raining up toward portland and still staying up there. another boundary will move through tomorrow, bringing back an on shore flow, keeping coastal temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler than what we will see inland because the flow of air is wrapping around this ridge of high pressure. a light on shore flow.
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by friday, which will be the warmest day of the week, we get an offshore wind. that means widespread 70s, even in san francisco on friday. the first day of march, we will likely be into the 70s. i do see a pattern change coming around tuesday, wednesday of next week with a slight chance of a few showers. cloudier this weekend, but we will stay dry. pretty mild day tomorrow, san jose you'll hit 66 which is average. union city 65 degrees. 67 for brentwood. livermore 65. you'll hit 60. berkeley 64. alameda 64 degrees with more sunshine tomorrow. milder on thursday. warmer on friday. a little bit cooler. >> what's that? >> we got some showers to talk about. >> if everything works out perfectly, a tenth of an inch of rain. >> come on.
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we need a lot more rain. i don't see it coming. >> this is really odd. >> we need you to rain dance again. >> before the civil war, the last time it has been this dry. >> coming up, they made millions playing as pros. that's apparently not enough. the loopholes retire athletes are getting money from california, even if they don't live here. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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[ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices,
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is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. at least is the tourists died when a hot air balloon crashed in egypt. the balloon caught fire and plunged into a sugar cane field in the ancient city. the balloon fell 1,000 feet to the ground after a landing cable got caught around a helium tube. then a gas canister exploded. the victims were from europe and asia. for most proathletes make millions of dollars over their careers, that is not stopping many of them from asking california for even more cash.
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>> even if they played for out of state teams. kpix5 on the push to close an expensive legal loophole. michael ervin played for the dallas cowboys. he is rumored to have a net worth of $15 million and danced on the tv show, "dancing with the stars." but he collected $249,000 from the state of california in a workman's compensation claim. he is part of what what is considered the wild, wild man of workman's comp. >> my job is to deal with this loophole. >> as henry explains, california law allows employees to get money on the wear and tear of your body. for professional athletes, that can get significant. you don't have to have a connection to california to cash in. here's the website from a
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lawyer in florida. >> you simply needed to have played in one game in the state of california during your career or you had a california agent at any time during your career or you are a california resident. >> since 2005, there's been a 1,000% increase in the number of claims filed. there have been 154 claims by former major league baseball player since september 1. four claims just yesterday. assembly members have coauthored a bipartisan bill to stop the abuse. >> the attorneys out there found this is a good match for them. they figured out they could file in california and make some good money. >> as i said, 4500 professional athletes have been paid out and another 4600 cases that pending. they are hoping the hearings will begin sometime in april. in sacramento, kpix5. >> since the 80s, $747 million
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have been paid out. some of those players suited up, but never even played in california. >> ten months ago, starts strong, today wasn't a good strong. the warriors played the pacers. we'll show it to you next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have three runs and did not make it out of the second inning against the dodgers in his debut. give me the clock work. the warriors got chippy with the pacers tonight. david lee start shoving each other when it all falls apart. currie tries to control and throws him to the ground.
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six technical fouls were handed out. he was ejected and he will likely be suspended. warriors could rally behind the fight. would they? did you see that? david west with the floater. the defense there and the pacers win the game by 11. warriors fell. the indiana hoosiers were taken down by minnesota. the next number one team in the land. zab jose up 2-1, but there is the equaliser, but san jose just won that game in a shootout. patty wins it for san jose. espn is reporting that mike be one of the office executives. he worked with reggie in green bay. the guy knows talent and i think that's only good. >>

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